Reasons Why You Have Failed to Get a Shredded Body

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People go to gyms for various reasons. Not only do they want to bulk up muscles but some also want to get a nicely well-cut and shredded shape. And that second type is the hardest one to achieve.

You may feel like you have tried hard, and the result should not have betrayed the efforts. But bodybuilding is more of an art than a simple labor work. You have to get the right supplements, eat the correct diet, and do the proper type of exercise.

You Do Not Take Pre-Workout Supplements

pre-workout supplementsIf you want to display some shredded muscles without bulking them up, the most popular fitness advice you probably have commonly heard is to have to exercise on an empty stomach. This idea may sound extreme and ridiculous, but there is a scientific reason behind it.

First, you shall not literally empty your stomach by fasting. Instead, you must eat snacks like fruits, protein bars, or a pre-workout supplement. The supplement pumps out your system to use fats as the primary fuel for your body. If you eat, the calories will be from the carbohydrates you consume. You will get bigger muscles still, but not so much of muscle’s definition.

You may think that protein bars, fruits, and veggies are better options than the supplements. However, a supplement is the concentrated form of nutrients. It means that in one pill or a gram of protein powder, you will get the nutrient of eating 1kg of beef, which is a ridiculous amount if you try to achieve it by the organic way. For more information about pre-workout, you can visit Elite Health. It contains detailed info on the chemical ingredients and consumption guidelines.

You Increase the Weight, But Fewer Repetitions

squating maleWhen you want to cut fat below your skin, you do need to build some muscles as they feed on fat to grow. However, certain areas like abs, thighs, and buttocks have the most stubborn fats to eliminate. The solution? Resistance training with more reps than weight.

The fundamental principle of muscle building is to damage the muscles mildly and to force them to regenerate. However, in the stubborn areas, the rules work slightly different because the muscles will stop to grow after a certain size. Therefore, doing more reps than increasing the weight will help your body to dispose of the excess fat.

You Are Inconsistent with Your Schedule

Bulked muscles are easier to maintain than low body fat percentage (shredded look) because our body naturally stores fat. You cannot expect to do only three days of training sessions a week and hope to have a clean-cut shape. Even professional bodybuilders must do a period of fasting and cardio workouts to expose the most well-defined form of their muscles.

You have to be disciplined with your schedule no matter how excruciating it is. The proverb, “No pain no gain,” represents perfectly the efforts you must take if you aim at having a lean body.…