Health Benefits of Practising Yoga


This is one of the holistic approaches that improve the natural tendency of the body toward self-healing and health. Its main purpose is creating harmony and awareness in the body and mind. There are different types of yoga. These include assuming posture (poses or asanas), meditation, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Decreasing stress

It is known for promoting relaxation and easing stress. This is done by decreasing the production of the stress hormone ( cortisol). It has been very effective especially for those women who are emotionally distressed. Additionally, yoga is helpful in lowering the levels of depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Easing stress is one of the effective methods of improving mental life and the general quality of life. For improve result, yoga should be practised along with other methods such as meditation.stress-upset

Reducing inflammation

Practicing yoga is a great way of reducing inflammation and the diseases associated with chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. It should be done regularly to lower the inflammatory levels, especially in cancer survivors.

Relieving anxiety

It is beneficial in alleviating the feelings associated with anxiety. Individuals who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders are advised to practice yoga twice in a week for two months. Individuals who practice regularly are also known for having a great sense of mind than those who don’t practice.

Improving heart health

The human heart plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body. This, in turn, supplies the tissues with important nutrients and oxygen. Practising yoga can help you in improving the general health of the heart as well as reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Lowering hypertension is also helpful lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Promoting sleep quality

Lack of proper sleep is associated with high blood pressure, depression, obesity, and other disorders. Yoga should be incorporated into your daily routine to improve the quality of sleep. People who practice yoga regularly are known for sleeping longer and fast.sleeping

Improving the quality of life

Many people are using it as one of the adjunct therapies of improving their lives. Practicing yoga can help you in improving your mood, quality of life and eliminating fatigue. This is the main reason why it is recommended for women who have breast cancer. It is also helpful in fighting the symptoms of chemotherapy like vomiting and nausea. It is also useful in improving the sleep quality, social function, reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as enhancing the spiritual well-being of patients suffering from cancer and other ailments.