Health Benefits of Marijuana Terpenes

marijuana terpenes

There has been a never-ending debate on whether marijuana should be made legal. Well, despite all the controversies, this plant has proved to be of great benefits healthwise, and that is why most groups are pushing for its legalization within the different jurisdictions. It is no secret most people use it with the main reason being getting high and relieving themselves off stress.

However, there are increased medical benefits that come with its use. You will find different cannabis products that have made its ingestion or use more comfortable. It can now be consumed as an edible in weed cookies and beverages. One can also vape marijuana. Those using this drug for medical purposes can go for the different types of strains which include sativa, indica, and hybrid.

You should understand your medical needs before using them. There are those meant to cure pain, insomnia and relieve stress. You should also go for flavored strains for easy use. The different flavors can be influenced by a substance called terpene which will make it consistent.

Visit for some of theterpenes best terpenes you can use on your strains. Most flavors are usually fruity, and some of the common types include strawberry, banana, and citrus. The terpenes are made up of different chemical compounds. They do influence not only the taste of your cannabis strain but also contain several medical benefits. Some of them include:

Anti-inflammatory Treatment

The marijuana terpenes are suitable for anti-inflammatory treatment. It helps relieve pain very fast. Myrcene is one good example of a terpene that helps provide such a treatment. They also add up as an antibacterial. They will help cure the different conditions in your body that occur as a result of bacteria.

Weight Loss

Terpenes also help aid weight loss to a certain extent. We all know how excess weight can subject the body to a number of health dangers. The best weight loss strains should have limonene in them, which is a type of terpene. Limonene acts as a good fat burner which will help you shed off those extra pounds.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Your mental and emotional health matter most. One reason marijuana ismarijuana terpenes used for medical purposes is to help alleviate anxiety or depression. Terpenes play a significant role in helping one reducing stress. The beta-caryophyllene is one type of terpene which is known to help reduce depression.…